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How to dress for winter!

Winter is here and it's important to dress up well, so that we don't catch a cold! :) But just because we have to dress in warm clothes, it doesn't mean one can't dress fashionably, right?
B1A4 rapper Baro knows exactly how to do look cool and stay warm! Look and learn, if you're not sure about how to dress for winter :P 

Tip: It's all about layering!

why? Because it's cold outside ~

Baro's got the exact right thing going on here ~ Nice, sturdy jeans to keep your legs safe from the cold wind, a fleece sweater/jumper with a long top/T-shirt underneath to keep your chest warm and avoid getting coughing problems because of getting cold. To top it all, he wears a nice, warming jacket! This one is from Joyrich and is called Color Me Varsity Jacket. You can get it right here for 329,000 won!
If you're going outside, get something to cover your ears :) Especially if it's windy! That's how you can avoid getting ear pain ~

Ninillie ~

Credits: B1A4 member's Twitter, WM Ent., Joyrich, EatYourKimchi for top picture

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