Exo-K doing good deeds ~

Just to take a short break from all the SNSD I am here with a little Exo fashion find! 
We don't want you readers to drown in Girls Generation, do we? :P hehe ~ 

Exo-K just got appointed as ambassadors for the Korea Youth Red Cross organization. To celebrate that with their fans, some pictures was uploaded to their official Facebook.
I really wanted to find Baekhyun's T-shirt, because that was what caught my eye, but instead I found something else for you to enjoy ~ 

Baekhyun, that cutie-pie, is wearing a hoodie from Korean brand Play Monster (or just Play M). 
You can get this in black, blue and of course orange and if you ask me the orange one is by far the coolest! 
Available right here for 76,941 won (that's apparently 5% off from normal).
I really like his T-shirt, it's such a shame I couldn't find it :C I haven't given up yet though! Not completely.  

Actually Sehun was in the picture used above...but you couldn't see his T-shirt that well, so I found another picture of him instead ~ I don't think you mind that. ;)
He's wearing a T-shirt from Beanpole's sub-brand Bike Repair Shop
They make a lot of casual clothes and many K-pop artists actually seem to wear their stuff ~
You can get this simple yet nice long sleeved T-shirt right here for 27,300 won

A little bonus ~ Lets call it a Christmas present from me to you guys. :)
It's more just because this picture is adorable and I want you guys to see it hehe. 

Happy holidays to all of you out there! Enjoy your days off. :D

Ninillie ~

Credits: SM Ent., Beanpole, Bike Repair Shop, Play Monster, Shinsegae mall, 

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