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Dream Sistar

In the newest episode of variety show Dream Team popular girl groups Sistar and Miss A are competing against each other in various competitions! Some of them are even with fans. I spotted Yonsei University's campus jacket! (Go go my sunbae-nims! Hehe.)

Another thing I spotted was a funny sweater worn by Sistar's Bora.

This cute and funny (and kinda creepy with that smile) cat sweater is from Korean brand Sakun and is widely popular among K-pop stars as casual clothes ~
The only buy link I have for this is from Taobao, so if you have anything better write a comment!  
Big thank you to Pops Grace for an ebay buy link ($105). 
Sorry for being kind of absent lately :/ But it's very nice to see Maria posted something again, right? :D

Ninillie ~

Credits: Sakun, Taobao, KBS's homepage, Sistars agency

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