Taemin & Phineas

So here we are with another SHINee Taemin find :D
He wore the United We Stand Cotton Jersey T-shirt from Dsquared on different ocassions: At the airport and also at a concert rehearsal.
From what I can read the words aren't just thrown in randomly. The t-shirt has a message: 'Trust 4 your right', 'United we stand divided we fall'. 

Buy it right here.

That square on the T-shirt reminds me of Phineas's head from the cartoon Phineas and Ferb.
You just have to draw some eyes...Et voila :D See what I am saying?

Also; In the concert rehearsal picture Taemin is wearing pants from Balmain.


Credits: SMent, Dsquared, Disney (for Phineas & Ferb image)
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