Sulli got her long hair back?

This find was so easy it was ridiculous :P With that I mean easy for me, who is used to looking at clothes ~
F(x) Sulli, who cut her hair short for the drama 'To The Beautiful You' is slowly growing her long hair back! 
Or so it seems...As many others, I'm suspecting that her recent selca is showing her wearing extensions. Her hair possibly can't grow THAT fast, right? xD Anyways, she looks as cute as always ~ 

The T-shirt she is wearing here is from Comme Des Garcons PLAY. This collection/brand is seen A LOT in K-pop :P I turned the picture around to make it easier for me to make it fit our site, but when I turned it, I realized she looks a bit like Kara Nicole O_o Or am I the only one seeing things? xD

Ninillie ~

Credits: Comme des Gargons PLAY, SM Ent., Sulli's Me2Day

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