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Please don't go all Gundam on me!

This was requested by somebody with the very, ehm, describing name I_Am_A_Violent_Girl. Thus the title, kinda ~ :P And yeah I'm being pretty fast with the requests lately, I know xD But I don't have much else to post so...That explains it, doesn't it? 

For a magazine of some sort, I don't know which one, Infinite Hoya wore a sweater from Ground Zero
This is from a collection inspired by anime-series Gundam, which is pretty cool actually ~ Many male K-pop stars seems to like Gundam :) 
You can get this sweater here for 262,000 won.

Ninilllie ~

Credits: Woolim Ent., Ground Zero, Darlingyou.com, who ever owns the picture of Hoya

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