(Max)Step with confidence

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeey we have a tip from
Thank you soooo much. Honestly I have been running out of finds and this tip came just in time.
I need to go searching for some finds but haven't had the time lately...But I will be back in business soon.
Have I told you how much I love fashion tips? hehehe
This is my first fashion tip that I post.Thank you again Fatima and hope you like the banner :D
I usually don't check our e-mail ,but now I will check it more often since I saw some fashion tips...will post them soon :D

So the tip is for Hyoyeon's boots from YOUNIQUE UNIT's Maxstep MV and they are from Jeffrey Campbell and they are called The 8th Street Boot in Black Patent.They look really nice .I really like these boots. Jeffrey Campbell makes some awesome shoes.
We have id some of the clothes from this MV and you can check them out here.
Sorry for the low quality pictures :D

You can buy them here
If you have some fashion tips don't hesitate to send them at [email protected] :D


Credits:SMent,Jeffrey Campbell ,Fatima

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