Let's Study

Hello everyone, how are you doing. It recently snowed here, quite exciting.
This post is not about studying. It's too tedious by itself we don't need it here. Instead, let's go with a request from Prae A. Phornwisetsirikun for Krystal's shoes.

f(x)'s Krystal wore these shoes about three times, twice at the airport and once at a concert rehearsal. The picture above was captured at the Gimpo airport. She was in incognito mode as even one photo featured her whole face. What amazing skills she has.

Anyway, the requested item are the shoes. They are by a brand called Study. The detailed name is the Leopard Dock Bow Sneaker.They have been available on Karmaloops for $40 dollars. Now, no online retailer carries this particular style.  Next, her shorts are a pair of  dark-washed, high-waist and cuffed jean shorts by American Apparel. If you want they are available here for 58$

The last item is quite famous, the Alexa bag from Mulberry. This one is quite pricey. If you want one, work hard at life. Then you can stride into a Mulberry shop and pretentiously buy one.

Last thing, the shoes are available in a white base with rainbow leopard prints for 29.99 pounds here.

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