INFINITE 1minute(60 seconds) hehe

YEY INFINITE IS BACK...well at least one of them :D
On November 18 INFINITE's leader Sunggyu released his debut solo album "Another me"
 The MV called "60 seconds" featuring L is beautiful but at the same time quite confusing if you don't pay attention to the details.
How about you guys,did you understand the MV ?if you didn't fear not I am here :P
This explanation is taken from Infinite+Inspirit=Amazing facebook page
"So L sees the girl and wants to meet her. Time stops for 60sec and he sees their entire relationship play out right up until their break up. Because their relationship is doomed he decides to get up and leave his ring (by the way you never see it on his finger until he puts it on in the alternate timeline). In the current 
timeline (where they have yet to meet) she sees the forgotten ring and tries to give it back to him. L tells her to keep it because he already saw that they would break up. When she looks into his eyes she is able to see the alternate timeline as well. This is shown by the alternate timeline video reversing quickly. This also resets the timeline so that they never meet. The scene where L offers her umbrella is the first time they would have met IF he decided to go with the relationship. But because he doesn't he ends up alone." poor L...don't worry there are plenty more fish in the sea....hihi

Now back to our job .....the clothes
In the concept photos,Sunggyu is wearing the Printed Slim-fit Cotton Shirt from Givenchy
Buy it here for 460$

In the MV L is wearing a jacket from Andew. This jacket is so cool but unfortunately the jacket isn't available yet.I realllllllllllly like this jacket and it suits the 'mysterious' L really well.
(the jacket looks a little bit blue that's because I lighten it a bit so you can see it clearly...but it's black :D)

The poll is closed thank you guys for voting...Does that mean I will have to show my face?...I guess so :) upsi


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