Hyuna's Flintstone Family from another Galaxy

 We got a tip from Lindsay THANK YOU Lindsay) about a t-shirt one of Hyuna's back dancers wears in her 'Ice Cream'  MV
After a while I also discovered some other finds and here they are.

First the find that Lindsay tipped us. 
It's from the Japanese brand Galaxxxy. Isn't it cute?

Buy it here

Next this bright yellow shirt! Anyone who wears this t-shirt will really stand out from the crowd! I really like it, and I don't know why, but it reminds me of The Flintstone Family. Maybe the pattern reminds me of cavemen? :| 
This top is from Stylenanda, buy it here :).

You see what I mean...? I really miss the old cartoons.

And last but not least, the pants below are from W.dressroom.
Buy them here for 19,000 won (about $18)

Also; Other dancers are wearing some clothes from Adidas and Joyrich, but since we already posted those clothes many times, I guess you already knew where are they from, right? :D

Thank you again LINDSAY for the tip!


Credits: CUBE, Galaxxxy, Stylenanda, W.dressroom, Lindsay

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