Get The Look: Miss A - I Don't Need A Man

Finally back with a Get The Look post! It's been quite a while since our last of these ~ Check out our Get The Look tag to see all of our previous post :D

This time we're going to take a look at Miss A, who recently had their comeback with the song 'I Don't Need A Man' or '남자없이 잘 살아' (I can live fine without a man) as it's called in Korean :P

Excited? Lets get this started ~

bouncy Suzy  xD
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There are quite many looks in the MV actually ~ Each member has her own style in some scenes, in other scenes they rock an identical look all of them and in other scenes they rock a black/red look which I didn't include here.
We'll start with the group look ~

There are some key items in this look. One of them is the dotted top. 
The crop-top is from Motel and is available at Karmaloop for 40$
If you're not into crop tops, feel uncomfortable wearing such or just don't think they're that great for a every-day look, then go for a polka dotted T-shirt like this one from Catworld at Yesstyle for 17,10$.

The shorts are from MinkPink and costs 66$ at our friends at Karmaloop. 
Get the lovely boots from the brand Mancienne at Yesstyle for 47,50$
If you really want to complete the look, then add a beige/light grey trench coat like this one from Korean brand Yerwang at Yesstyle. This one costs 98,32$ and is available right here.

Lets continue to the individual looks. 
We're starting with Fei.

The shorts are from MinkPink and costs 66$ at Karmaloop.
There are 2 options for tops since I couldn't find one which was exactly what I wanted! :P
The one to the left is from RVCA and costs only 26$ at Karmaloop
The top to the right is from *LA Boutique and is slightly more expensive at 43$ also at Karmaloop.

Moving on to Min.

This is a simple one ~ 
The adorable peplum dress is from the brand Jack Grace at Yesstyle. It's rather inexpensive priced at only 23,75$!
The gloves are without at doubt the most expensive item I'll ever put in a Get The Look post :S 
They are from Alexander McQueen and costs a whopping 466$ and they're sold out! I couldn't find anything else which I deemed good enough xD I'm sorry guys...

Next up is Jia!

If you want to rock Jia's look, then you need a long tulle skirt! This one is really great and is available in a variety of colours :) Personally I think this look would rock even more if the skirt was black or grey, but don't worry, a white version is also available! 
Get this skirt (or any other colour you want) here from Korean brand Beccgirl on Yesstyle. Price:  29,92$
I found this really cute top over at our friends at Karmaloop! Sadly it's currently out of stock, but it might restock :P It's from Marialia.

Finally we're down to the last member, Suzy!

You might recognize these shorts. They are still from MinkPink and still costs 66$.
Dare to look sexy? Suzy does, even though she's the maknae of Miss A. 
Complete her look with this awesome bustier from MinkPink! Price: 58$. If you're not comfortable with showing so much skin, have a white or nude-coloured spaghetti strap top underneath (that's also warmer. It's getting pretty cold these days after all)!
Finally, to finish off the look, wear a checked shirt like the ones men who work in the forests wear xD It gives the otherwise feminine (but fierce!) look a rough, boyish edge. 
Get this shirt here from Baimomo at Yesstyle for only 19$.

Ninillie ~ 

Credits: Yesstyle, Karmaloop, Polyvore, AQ Ent., someone on Tumblr for the Suzy gif, myself for putting it all together

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