Okay the title sounds kinda gross, doesn't it? xD Shabet sounds like sorbet...
I'm here with a find of the extreme kind ~ An all-member's clothes identified post!

Somehow I don't like it when stylist make all members of a group wear clothes from the same collection...Often the clothes look a little too much alike :S I like members to match, but not to be a look-book from one single collection. 
Good thing is I really like this collection ~ It's really over-worn now though xD

Dalshabet is releasing a new mini album called 'Doesn't Have' (or something like that) very soon! And as if that wasn't enough, they're also releasing a limited photobook! Allkpop got their hands on the cover! :) 
Ugh...Where to start with all this? xD Lets start with admitting I don't know who is who even though I know most of their names...

The CL-printed Half Top is from Fleamadonna...Well all of this is xD
The skirt is called Favorite Things Skirt and I don't have a buy link. 
She's also wearing earrings from Fleamadonna it seems, but I couldn't find them anywhere.

The pants are leggings. No pockets or zippers = No pants but leggings :P 
They're called My Favorite Leggings. No buy link.
The Jacket is called Love Denim Jacket and is out of stock. It costs 255$.

Next up:

A top we've seen before. Fleamadonna's Favorite Things Top. It's not a dress even though this design and shape would make a lovely dress :D (Isn't this Serri?)

The next dress is Love Waist Dress.
The necklace is also from Fleamadonna and is called Cool Love Necklace. Get it here for 119,200 won.

And lastly:

The first dress (worn by a member who really looks like A Pink's Naeun if you ask me xD) is Fleamadonna's Love Cotton Dress. Get it here for 202,300 won.

The last dress is again again from Fleamadonna and is called Favorite Mesh Dress. This is the best picture I could find of it. The jacket is again Love Denim Jacket
No buy link for the dress, but one for the out-of-stock-jacket is here.

The only non-Fleamadonna thing here is the Mickey Mouse hat! It's from Stylenanda, is sold out (I think) and was previously worn by Hyuna for her 'Ice Cream' promotions. 
The stylists pimped it up with some studs it seems ~  

Ninillie ~ 

Credits: Fleamadonna, Dollskill.com, Allkpop, Fleamadonna blog, Dalshabet's company

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