DongMin or TaeWoo? Hmmm

Thank you again Ninillie for the creative title :D ( you are always there to help me when I need it)
I guess we have another 'Who wore it better' post.
But honestly I can't pick...they both look good in this MCQ Tattoo Embroided Vintage Denim Shirt.
INFINITE's Dongwoo posted a picture on Twitter ,while SHINEE's Taemin wore it at a fansign when they were promoting "Sherlock"

Buy it here for 244$

At another fansign Taemin wore the Egyptian Motor Jacket in Black from GIZA x JOYRICH
(believe me it's really Taemin he just wore extensions there :D )

Buy it here for 467,000 won


Credits:SMent,my fairy, Itaemin,MCQ,GIZAxJOYRICH
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