B1A4 - still with emphasis on 1!

This is the second part of B1A4 finds I promised you ~
This time it's finds from the backside of the album! I have to get that album! I love B1A4 :D (and I'm sure they love me also xD Hahaha). In case you didn't see the last post, these finds are from B1A4's new and first Japanese album '1' which was just recently released! :)

Another easy find! :P I really like this T-shirt, but now I've seen it on at least 3 different male K-pop stars :S
Rapper Baro is wearing a T-shirt from Givenchy with the print Angel Crest. You can still get it here for 335$ :) 
He is also wearing the same necklace as Jinyoung, but he is using it as a belt because it's so long ~ Smart stylist they had there, right? :P It's from Monday Edition and is available here for 95,000 won.

Finally time for the maknae! Gongchan is, apparently, wearing a T-shirt from a rather emo-brand called Abbey Dawn. Good thing he covered up the lacey sleeves, otherwise it would really look too girly on him! xD 
You can get this cool Safety Pin Skull Lace Raglan top by Avril Lavigne for 29,95£ right here

EDIT: The colourful jacket Gongchan is wearing is from Kwak Hyunjoo and the 2012 S/S collection :) Thanks to Eliza for this info! ^__^

Bonus! This is from inside one of the pamphlets or photobooks ~ Actually he is also wearing this on the Regular Edition cover xD But I liked this picture better and you could see the sweater better! :P
This awesome sweater Gongchan is wearing is from Ashish and I don't have a buylink. But it's probably pretty expensive...

Ninillie ~

Credits: Ashish, Monday Edition, Beautifulday.kr for scans, Givenchy, Abbey Dawn
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