To the beautiful you Seol Han Na (1)

At first I thought "I should post the finds from the main actors" but then I said ladies first...Right? 
Minho can wait ~ He's a gentleman. ^_^

Young actress Kim Ji Won plays the role of Seol Han Na the Nation's Fairy.
She is a Olympic gymnast who is in love with Kang Tae Joon.

She looks so adorable with those headbands.
I haven't heard of Kim Ji Won before, but I hope we hear more of her from now on ^_^.
Both of Seol Han Na's headbands are from RenaChris.
Buy the blue one here for 33,600 won and the green one here 24,400 won

The third hairband is from Jtiara. You can buy it here for 15,800 won.
I've decided! Sonovi is my favorite bag brand!
Their handbags are so cute, but sadly also quite expensive... 
You can buy the backpack used by Seol Han Na for 379,500 won here (why is it so expensive? I want one!)

In the next posts you will see a lot of Sonovi bags, because Sonovi was a official sponsor for the drama 'To The Beautiful You'.


Credits:RenaChris,Jtiara,Sonovi, DramaFever

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