To the beautiful you Kang Tae Joon (1)

Finally Minho's turn...Oopsi ~ sorry, Kang Tae Joon!
You probably already recognized the sweat shirt that he is wearing.
It's the same sweat shirt that Goo Jae Hee wore, but in the black version!
I wonder why that owl is so angry? I guess he didn't get an autograph...hehe ~

Buy the Lucky Chouette sweat shirt here for 148,000 won.

You probably recognized this shirt also, am I right?
It's the same shirt as one SHINee Taemin and Big Bang TOP has worn before.
It's called the Dots Pattern Shirt and is from 8seconds (I really like the clothes from 8seconds :D and they are also affordable!).

Buy the shirt here for 39,900 won

There are more finds to come :D


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