To The Beautiful Cha Eun Kyul (2)

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Last but not least, Cha Eun Kyul
It seems that in k-dramas the cute and sweet guy doesn't get the girl...It's always the mysterious and arrogant one (for example in 'Boys Over Flowers').
I haven't seen too many k-dramas so maybe I'm wrong.
I feel bad for Cha Eun Kyul...He is all alone :(

In this scene he is wearing a shirt from Kai-Aakmann.

Anyone recognize the man on the t-shirt? I guess you know him ~
Yes it's Jeremy Scott himself!
Cha Eun Kyul is wearing the LS Angel Tee from Adidas

The star of this drama is definitely...
...Seriously it's EVERYWHERE!
Just look at the orange duct tape on this Adidas sweatshirt.
If you watched the drama you definitely spotted a lot of duct tape. 
Maybe it's a new trend I don't know about :). Just FYI, we do know this means that the item was not sponsored, so they had to cover it up, but we were wondering why the stylist HAD to pick these items (e.g. the Adidas sweatshirt) when they clearly show the brand name

LOOK! Is it a bird? No...It's a plane? No it's Super Dara :D
2ne1's Dara also wore the Hawaian sweatshirt. 
Thank you very much Ninillie for the Dara tip. ^_^ ~

Did you get bored with all these 'To The Beautiful You' finds?
I hope not, because we have plenty more ~


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