Stop more Ice Cream!

Do you get the title now? ^_^
As we said in a previous post, B.A.P and HyunA both had their first comeback stages on Music Bank.
B.A.P has some awesome fashion - on-stage as well as off-stage.
I really like it when idols wear masks, I don't know why...Maybe because they look more mysterious?
Anyways...On their way to Music Bank B.A.P Himchan was seen wearing a sweater from Boy London, a really popular brand among K-pop idols :D.
He completed his look with a beanie from Obey.
~sorry for editing this fan-taken picture, but I couldn't find another one~

Buy the Boy London sweater here
Buy the Obey Beanie here

Coudn't find the exact top that Daehyun wore but it's definetely from Chrome Hearts. 
(Or a very close copy)


Credits: TSent, Chrome Hearts, Boy London, Obey, Essential
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