Oh Yeah! Lacoste

This will be my last post covering the Lacost L!ive Winter Wonderland Event!
MBLAQ also attended this fashion event ~ I really wanted to do all the members, but couldn't find the clothes of the rest...Maybe I'll add them some time soon if I happen to find their clothes also :)

Disaster! MBLAQ's former bearded member G.O is wearing the same sweater as Z:ea Kwanghee! Oh my ~ xD 
Actually it's not that much of a disaster. G.O is wearing the blue version where Kwanghee wore the green one. As mentioned in an earlier post, I like the blue version the best :) You can get this sweater here from a site I don't know. You've been warned now :P

Young version* of super star Rain, Lee Joon, was together with his fellow members ~ 
He's sporting a cardigan /jacket with a college-ish feeling to it. 
It's from Lacoste L!ve, costs 179,99$ on sale and is available right here.

*Go watch the movie 'Ninja Assasin' to really get this joke ~

Ninillie ~

Credits: Lacoste, who ever owns the pictures

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