Mazeltov for Lacoste

As mentioned in my Hara-post earlier Lacoste held an event by the name Lacoste L!ve Winter Wonderland not long ago ~
ZEA was some of the invited celebrities. Well at least Kwanghee, Siwan and Hyungshik (did I get them right?) came to the event xD Don't slaugther me if I got the names wrong! I don't know ZEA at all >__<"

Since it was a Lacoste event, they wore Lacoste clothes, of course! :)
Hyungshik is sporting a blue parka. If you look closely you'll spot his shirt underneath ~ 
I must admit I didn't know Z:ea had this good looking members :D No harm intended!

Kwanghee is in a much simpler outfit ~ jeans coupled with a sweater from Lacoste's L!ve collection. His sweater is called L!ve Isle Sweater. Couldn't find the green version, but here's the blue one which I think is much more masculine ~ price: 1128 DKK from a site I don't know.

Siwan is going for the trekking inspired look with a yellow jacket from Lacoste L!ve. I don't have a buy link for this colour, but I have a link to the blue one. Costs 254,99$ at Lacoste's own page.

Ninillie ~

Credits: Osen, ZEA's companpy, Lacoste

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