Did you all see our Happy Halloween post? :D 

How many of you celebrate Halloween? Where I live, Halloween isn't really celebrated because we have an identical holiday around February where kids dress up and walk from home to home asking for something to eat (cake-like buns normally) or money. Most kids get money xD 
It's somewhat less scary than Halloween.
Something even lesser scary than Halloween is SM Entertainment's newest unit! Younique Unit! A special unit consisting of Super Junior Eunhyuk, Super Junior M Henry, SNSD Hyoyeon, SHINee Taemin, Exo Kai and Luhan ~
Not long ago they released their promotion song for a new car from Hyundai - PYL Younique (or something like that). On October 31. they released the anticipated MV for their song 'Maxstep'. 
Sadly this special dance unit is only temporary for these promotions :( But we all know SM Ent., they might make it more consistent if they have success with it :P Hehe.

As always a MV means finds! Well, most of the time it does at least xD
This MV is overflowing with KTZ!

LOL at his pose xD
Eunhyuk was spotted wearing a bomber jacket from KTZ. 
If I remember correctly, this was part of their S/S 2012 collection ~ might even be part of their limited collection. No matter what, you can get it here for 520€ at Farfetch.

Eunhyuk was also spotted wearing something very YOUNIQUE (you saw what I did there? hehe)! A kilt jacket. This is also from KTZ. I don't have a buy link and something tells me this was quite popular. It's definitely warm, but it's really not my style...not for myself nor for a boy :/
His pants are also from KTZ ~ They are called Church Embroidery Jogging Trousers. I don't have a buy link for these either, but you can check them out on here on KTZ's own site.  

Henry was also wearing KTZ! Don't say I didn't warn you ~ I told in the start there was an overload of KTZ in this MV xD 
These cool gloves are also from the S/S 2012 collection and when you realize the emblem is a heart, it somehow becomes less cool if you ask me :P The stylists cut off the fingers in case you're confused by that fact :) You can get these leather gloves here for 216£.

The last find I had from this MV ~ Again, Henry (and KTZ...)! 
This time he is wearing a t-shirt from KTZ with the name Oversized Church Printed T-shirt. It is sold out, but you can see more pictures of it here.

Ninillie ~ 

Credits: KTZ, SM Ent.

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