Look at Yewon

I'm pretty sure this is Yewon, I might be wrong...I'm not that much into Jewelry, so I don't know the members that well ^__^"
Jewelry just had their comeback not long ago with a new catchy song called "Look At Me"! And today the making of was released ~ As usual, I couldn't help but to look out for finds hehe :P

This lovely shirt is from Fleamadonna and is, apparently, called Funny Wapen Shirt
I've seen this a couple of times on different artists. We once posted on 4Minute Hyuna wearing this and further more, I've also seen Kara Gyuri wearing it ~ 

I don't have a buy link since this as been really popular and is over a 1 old :/

Ninillie ~ 

Credits: Fleamadonna, Jewelry's company, DSP Media

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