Invincible Adidas, Fleamadonna and Wildfox!

Actually I found this while looking for something else. I was jumping around Fleamadonna's blog when I ran into this picture ~ SO many easy finds at one place! Wow! :D

Popular TV show 'Invincible Youth' is running on its second season. I must admit, I don't watch it xD I've seen one episode and that was because of the guest stars hahaha ~

Anyways. Finds!

Somehow I ended up calling this picture Infinite Youth when I saved it xD What just happened to that!? Major fail! Hahaha.

Kara's maknae Jiyoung is wearing the almost famous Adidas Originals Hawaiian Sweatshirt. Eliza posted on this a couple of days ago also ~ Go check out her post! :) 
If you want this sweatshirt, go buy it here for 170$ at Adidas' own site!

SNSD Hyoyeon is wearing Wildfox Couture's Verona Cross Cut Off Sweater ~ Miss A Fei wore this yesterday, but in the white version. 
I posted on that one also. You can get it right here for 204$ (I prefer the white version actually...).

Miss A Suzy is wearing a jacket called Black Reversible Jacket from Fleamadonna. That's at least what they say on their own blog and I trust that they know their own clothes hahaha xD No buy link even though it's from their newest collection.
Credits to Fleamadonna for that find, if I can call it a find, considering they might even have sponsored the jacket. Anyways, you get my point, right? :P

Ninillie ~

Credits: Fleamadonna, Invincible Youth, Wildfox Couture, Adidas,

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