Independent Women at Inkigayo!

As mentioned earlier, Miss A just had their comeback with the song 'I Don't Need A Man'! :D 
I really wanted to do more finds from the MV...hmmm...There really aren't many it seems :/
Oh well ~ good thing a comeback means a lot of performances! ^__^ There are plenty of finds in performances hehe ~

Fei uploaded a picture to Twitter of her and fellow member Min backstage at Inkigayo, eating dinner ~ yum!
The beautiful Fei is wearing a sweater from Wildfox Couture called Verona Cross Cut Off Sweater. She's also wearing this at the special performance of their song 'If I Were A Boy'. 
You can get it here for 204$! Kinda pricey, huh? If it were cheaper, I'd buy it! :P

In the same program of Inkigayo, maknae Suzy wore a t-shirt from Joyrich while performing 'I Don't Need A Man'. To be more exact, it is called The NYC Tank Truck Top. Now say that fast 10 times in a row!

The stylists cut off the bottom half of her (and the other girls' t-shirts also) t-shirt to make a crop-top. And, combined with high-waisted denim shorts, making a 90's retro look ~ You can get this top on Karmaloop, sister site of PLNDR, for...I don't know 'cause it's out of stock :C 
Lets hope for a restock!

Ninillie ~ 

Credits: Joyrich, Wildfox Couture,,, Fei's Twitter (or was it Min's?), JYPE, AQ Ent.

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