if I were a Wildfox...

Do you need a man? I don't need a man
That song is so damn catchy! I love the fact how it's not like anything K-pop mainstream! :D Miss A is back, fierce and powerful as ALWAYS! 
Anybody else who is thrilled by the fact that Miss A had a  comeback again this year? :D Their comeback with 'Touch' came such a long time after their previous comeback with 'Goodbye Baby'...I'm just happy they're back - feel free to ignore me xD

I wanted to get some finds from the MV, but I didn't really find anything which caught my eye...Instead I found one simple little thing from their special performance of their new song 'If I Were A Boy' at Music Bank

I hate most screen caps...The quality is super lousy, but this is the best I could get >__<

Min is wearing a nice, soft-looking pullover from Wildfox Couture. It is called Mutiny Crosses Barcelona Pullover. It seems the stylists altered it to be shorter and pulled the collar in tight to Min's throat ~ looks nice in both altered and normal version if you ask me ^__^ 

Alternatively you can get it here on PLNDR's sister site MissKL in a different colourway ~ available now for 185$! :D I don't know if our PLNDR-code works on MissKL also though...

Ninillie ~ 

Credits: KBS, JYP Ent., AQ Ent., Wildfox Couture, Dollskill.com

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