I don't need a man, but I do like accessories!

While looking for buy links for my previous post, I ran into something and thought to myself "of course! This is why you somehow recognized these!". 
A moment of enlightenment is always great, right? xD
Remember a couple of posts back how I "complained" about not having finds from Miss A's latest MV 'I Don't Need A Man'? Well, lets forget that. 
I finally found something, I forgot I knew where to find!

Watching their MV, their really bold accessories in some scenes caught my eye. 
The first thing that came to my mind was "Oh these are from Ambush!". 
I went to check it and found: Nothing!
Now I found them thought and couldn't help but to face-palm myself haha :P

Jia is wearing a broach from KTZ called Symbol Pin Broach 01. Creative name, huh? xD

Min is wearing a mess of broaches! And actually two of them has to be earrings used as broaches :P All of it is from KTZ ~
upper right: Symbol Earrings II/small. Price: 54£ right here.
lower right: Symbol Earrings III/small. Get them for 54£ here.
and lastly a real broach: Symbol Pin Broach 02. Costs 97£ if bought here.

I couldn't find this exact one, but I figured, if they used earrings as broaches for Min, then why not pull a charm of a chain accessory? :P Suzy is wearing, if you ask me, one of the charms from KTZ's Symbol Charm Wallet Chain
I cut it out from the original picture so you can see which one it is :) You can get the chain right here for 461£.

Ninillie ~

Credits: KTZ, JYPE, AQ Ent. 

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