I Don't Need Alicia Keys?

Man I was DYING to make finds from this MV! But...There wasn't really that many finds... :C
Which MV?
Miss A just had their comeback with their newest mini album Independent Women Part III! Their title song is 'I Don't Need A Man' and if you haven't listened to it yet, you should listen to it right now! It's an awesome song in many aspects ~

Back to what this is all about - fashion finds!

This was a rather easy one even though it took me a while to see it because I thought they were all wearing the same shoes xD But apparently not! Fei and Min are wearing some leopard print shoes, Suzy is wearing a short boot and Jia...well THAT'S my find!

Woohoo! This is one of the good screen caps I've made! :D

These AWESOME shoes are from Reebok and are part of a special, limited collaboration collection with singer Alicia Keys
I knew these shoes beforehand because I wear Reebok shoes myself and I really wanted EXACTLY these shoes! :D Can somebody give me a buy link to them because I can't find one myself :( SHINeeUKShawol gave me a buy link ~ Here you can get them for £75. I also found a buy link myself ~ Available here for 99,99$! 
I want them even more now...

Ninillie ~

Credits: JYPE, AQ Ent., Reebok

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