Hyuna - Ice Cream 1

Hyuna is back!
On October 22nd, Hyuna's 'Ice Cream' MV was released.
I was honestly pretty surprised! I expected a MV just like 'Bubble Pop', but I was wrong.
The MV is really colorful, and I must say the song is really catchy!
Maybe CUBE really listened to the fans's complaints. [Lauren's note: I think the catchy and colorful is what Bubble Pop was. Maybe I just didn't notice a huge difference :/ between the two MV's (the songs are different though).]

On October 14th, Cube Entertainment released Hyuna's concept photos.
In one of them, she is wearing a pair of pants from Balmain.
I looked everywhere for the exact ones without success...maybe they aren't for sale yet? (highly unlikely).
The black pants + the turquoise t-shirt = Hyuna's pants (I wish we had this kind of math in school :D ).

I'm pretty sure her t-shirt is also from Balmain, but I coudn't find it ether...

It is pretty similar to this one though.
Buy the black/red pants here, the turquoise t-shirt here and the black t-shirt here.

Credits: CUBE, Balmain, 
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