Hyuna - Ice Cream (2)

YAY! We have more finds from Hyuna's 'Ice Cream' MV!
How can someone pair a maxi skirt with sneakers and still look amazing?
I know...K-pop idols!

~ Ice cream Ice cream ~
~ I'll melt you down like ice cream ~

Even though it's kinda cold for ice cream, the lyrics are catchy :D!

In this scene Hyuna is wearing Winged Trainers by Jeremy Scott for Adidas.
Buy the Winged Trainers here for 206 

Doesn't this picture remind you of someone?
Hyuna kinda looks like G-Dragon in 'Crayon' when he is dressed like a girl or am I crazy? 

Hope I'm right with these since I can't really see the details, but they have the same shape and colour!
These really bright shoes are from Jeffrey Campbell, and they are called "Lita" in neon yellow.
The Lita shoes are curently out of stock. You can see them here though.

EDIT: Hey! I was right! a BTS (Behind The Scenes aka making of) video was released! The shoes can be seen really clearly and they are definitely from Jeffrey Campbell :D
The colour is a bit tricky...it's hard to believe, but the shoes are the same ones: neon yellow.
I guess it depends on the lightning. Just look at the pictures of Hyuna: in the first picture they are yellow in the other one neon O_O. Cool shoes though!

Has anyone else seen the boards that the people hold? no?
'Santa please forget my crying', 'Shell we drive', 'Batman he is gone', 'Sale my little brother with big shout'? What??
Does anyone else watch Eat Your Kimchi [yes!]?
Before I discovered them, I didn't notice these kind of things, but after watching them, I now pay attention to the details. And let me tell you, the details are hilarious :D.
I shouldn't laugh because, I am also not a native English speaker, and I also make mistakes but...it's funny...I can't help it >.<


Credits: Cube, Adidas, Jeffrey Campbell
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