Hara's not-so-secret love?

Woohoo! Seems like I'm finally back :D 
I've been visiting friends across the country - one friend in each direction. So I really didn't have the time to do finds >__<" 
But now I have time on my hands it seems! I'll use this time to do some posts! 

A couple of days ago worldwide famous and popular brand Lacoste held an even called Lacoste L!ve Winter Wonderland in Seoul. Many famous people attended this event. 
One who REALLY caught nearly everybody's eyes was Kara Hara! More exactly, it was her tattoo people noticed! Is it a sign of her love to her celebrity boyfriend B2ST Junhyung?! 
Oh my, oh my ~  :D What do you think?

I love this dress and I HATE it! xD Complicated relationship, huh? Especially when you remember it's only a piece of clothing hahaha. I seriously spent DAYS looking for her exact dress and couldn't find anything closer than this one...
It's from Lacoste's L!ve collection and is called Long Sleeve Wool Blend Henley Sweater Dress. Long name, right? I only have a sold out buy link and no price, but I bet you it's not cheap ~

To compensate for my failure with the red dress, I have another Hara find also! Also Lacoste actually ~
Where did I find this? Well, if you guys know Eat Your Kimchi you might have seen one of their more recent videos where they visit Jung Saemmol beauty saloon in the Cheondam-dong-area of Gangnam (very rich and fancy area). 
Said beauty saloon very often work with famous K-pop stars! One of them is Kara! One of the stylists showed this picture of Hara prepped to some photoshoot. Most probably something related to their recent 'Pandora' album.

Her adorable sweater is from Lacoste's L!ve collection and is called Crewneck Intarsia Racoon Sweater and is available here for  159,99$ on sale!

Ninillie ~

Credits: EatYourKimchi.com, Lacoste, Newsen.com, JungSaemMool Saloon

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