Hara's Secret Love

I won't post anymore 'To The Beautiful You' finds, even though I had plenty of them :)

On August 31. Kara Hara, and also Gyuri, released their solo songs and MVs from Kara's newest album 'Kara collection'.

We have another adorable and colourful MV (and we also have some ice-cream :P).
She's so cutee in the MV, trying to spy (or stalk :D) the boy that she likes.
It kinda reminds me of Avril Lavigne's 'Girlfriend' MV because both of them played the girlfriend and also the girl that secretly likes him. The difference between them is that in the end Hara doesn't get the boy :(

It seems that in the k-pop world ice-creams replaced the microphones...yummy such "delicious singing"!
It's also multi functional, you can sing to it and also take a bite if you want :D Hahaha.
Who do you think sings better with the ice-cream microphone? Hara or Hyuna?

Back to topic! Here Hara is wearing the Love Unbalance shirt from Fleamadonna's S/S 2012 collection
Sadly no buy link.

I believe you recognize this blouse...Am I right? :P
It's the same blouse that one of the dancers holds in TaeTiSeo's 'Twinkle' MV!
It's from the Korean designer Jain Song and her S/S 2012 collection.
Buy it here.

The adorable lip clutch Hara holds here is from Lulu Guiness ~

You can buy it here for 245 euros.

They look so cute together but Hara's heart belongs to someone else...to B2ST Junhyung :D
Here Hara is wearing shoes from Casadei Fluo's s/s 2012 collection

This find is from Kara's 'Pandora' MV
Do you recognize these shoes? F(x) Victoria also wore them at 2012 Mnet 20s Choice. They are also from Casadei S/S 2012 collection.

Unfortunately no buylink for either of them.

 Who do you think wore this pair of shoes better? F(x) Victoria or Kara Hara? 

Share your opinion down below :D


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