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Catch Prada

I've been running seriously low on finds lately...I'm posting some of Maria's finds again :/ It's better than nothing, right? I can't bail out on Eliza like this...she's the only one posting these days! >__< I'm sorry to both readers and Eliza. 
Back to the find. 

TVXQ recently had their comeback with the song "Catch Me" after being away for the Korean music scene for roughly 1 year :D As usual, TVXQ showed their power as one of the superior K-pop groups! 

At the airport on the way to...somewhere...Yunho wore a playfull T-shirt from Prada and their S/S 2012 collection. I don't have a buy link and I'm kinda sorry for the picture of the T-shirt but this was the best I could find in a reasonable size and quality. 
On a sidenote: I, Ninillie, got accepted into college at Yonsei University yay for me :D

Ninillie & Maria ~

Edit: (Thank you to foruluv on the tumblr~) This shirt is actually a gift from a fan.

Credits: Prada, SM Ent., Dolceandgabbanaman.blogspot.ca, as watermarked

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