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I'm running low on finds recently.... 
There's not much going on in K-pop these days anyways. Chuseok is being celebrated all over Korea (and also in China), so everybody is taking a break ~ I find it nice. For all those busy idols to finally get a tiny break ^__^

Anyways ~ Here's one rather vague find and a more solid one (even though a bit late). I have no idea which magazine the first find is from. But one thing I do know is where I got the picture - Miss A Jia's Twitter!  
The other find happens to come from her Twitter also! :P

First off:

This isn't a dress. It's actually a set consisting of a top/blouse and a skirt. Both parts is from Fleamadonna and is part of the F/W 2012 collection. This print is called Black Blue Calf...Figured they'd try to make it cuter by calling it calf instead of cow xD 
I don't have a buy link for the skirt, but I do have one for the top. Get it here for 230.000 won (only available in M it seems).

Second find!

SBS K-pop Star contestant Baek Ayeon just debuted not long ago. She is in the same company as Miss A meaning AQ Ent. and not JYP Ent. ~ Thus Miss A celebrated her debut together with her ^__^

In one of the pictures uploaded to Twitter, Jia wore sweater with a flame print. At first I thought about Ashish...but he makes clothes with lots of embellishments, shiny fabric and especially paillettes, so this couldn't be his even though he has made a dress with a REALLY similar motif. 
And seems I was right! It is from urban clothing brand Unif
It is called The Turn Or Burn Sweater and you can get it here on PLNDR's sister-site Miss KL for only 69$! :D

Ninillie ~

Credits: Jia's Twitter, AQ Ent., JYP Ent., Dollskill, Fleamadonna

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