Ashish Icecream

Oh yeah baby! I'm back! (just imagine it as a part of a random K-pop song, okay?) :D 
Sorry for being away for quite a while...Especially to Eliza who worked really hard and kept the blog alive! Lots of LOVE to her ^__^ 

Just like me, 4Minute's Hyuna is back! Having her comeback with her 2nd solo album later this month. It seems it's called 'Melting' and the title track is going to be 'Icecream'. Actually, the teaser was released not very long ago :D You can check it out here

Here's the find I got to spot in a second or two in the teaser hehe. 

CUBE Ent., is REALLY into Ashish it seems ~ well...actually, Ashish has been extremely popular among K-pop artists this year in general. Go see our Ashish tag on the right of this page to see what I mean :P
Hyuna is wearing Leopard Biker Jacket from Ashish's A/W 2012 collection ~ G-Dragon has worn a sweater with the same print earlier, if it seems familiar to some of you. 

Her glasses are, apparently, totally off-brand but they're so hillarious and ugly that I just had to include them (they were extremely easy to find also) xD 
You can get the rather cheesy 'Bride To Be' glasses here for £3,59! That's super cheap!! :D I don't have a buy link to Ashish's jacket, but I have a link to

I'm really looking forward to this comeback! I really like Hyuna ^__^

Ninillie ~

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