1-2-3-4 of Holland

Are you all ready for a new face in the world of K-pop? This girl isn't just anybody though ~ She's a rather well-known face to many already! 
YG Entertainment's newest face is SBS K-pop Star Survival contestant Lee Hi (or Lee Hayi/Hai if you prefer it like that)! 
She's was part of a worldwide K-pop audition program hosted and produced by SBS and she was in the top 3! Rather quickly she signed with YG Ent. and is supposed to be part of a up-coming group consisting of contestants from the same program - SuPearls

You know...I was at the French audition :) No joke, I was! But lets not talk about how many places I've been because of K-pop ~

Anyways! In her MV for '1, 2, 3, 4' Lee Hi is wearing a dress from House of Holland called Leopard Drop Waist Dress
At first I thought it was only the bottom part the stylists made her wear. You know, they could have modified the dress by cutting it and using it as a skirt ~ but it appeard she's just wearing a bra-like top on top of it :) I REALLY like this dress! It's super cute if you ask me. 

Ninillie ~

Credits: House of Holland, YG Ent.

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