You can fly high

Do you remember something about Miss A in the studio not long ago? Well we finally know what they were recording! Miss A (and probably Teen Top also, since they were in the same studio with the same producer) recorded a song for a campaign called Fly High. As far as I know it's about encouraging people to believe in themselves and encouraging people to love life. Something along those lines ~ 
A very good campaign indeed!

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In the MV for Miss A's song we see them wearing their own clothes, but on the homepage (or whatsoever they have) of the Fly High campaign, there are many other pictures of Miss A! And here's what they're wearing ~ 

Min is wearing a t-shirt from Korean brand Fleamadonna (they're all wearing this brand :P ) called Love Unbalance Shirt.  It's from the 2012 S/S collection and I don't have a buy link.

Beautiful Fei is wearing a Fleamadonna dress called My Favorite Silky Dress (pink) and this was a pain to find a picture of. I swear! It's super lovely so I don't understand why there's no better pictures of it :C

Jia is wearing Fleamadonna's Cool half top. I've seen different artist wear this a couple of times now actually. But I'm still kinda fond of it, maybe because I just like crop tops in general xD

Suzy is wearing Flemadonna's Love x Love skirt. It is made from clear PVC (a type of plastic) and it reminds me a bit of rain jackets. It's really cute when styled correctly though! 
Buy it here and remember to wear something underneath it xD

And lastly. Group picture time!! Give's you a better idea of what the clothes really look like, I'd say ~
and I'm just spreading a little love for Miss A lol xD

Fleamadonna should really upload larger pictures to their home page and blog. It's hard to find really good HQ pictures of their items :C It's only when I find a shop which sells Fleamadonna I find HQ pictures...
You'll have to live with some of the pictures being slightly low quality. Sorry xD

Ninillie ~ 

credits: Fly High Campaign, JYP Ent., Fleamadonna,

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