On September 11 the rookie group BtoB released their MV for "WOW"....When they debuted I was really impresed  they sounded really good live :D 

In the MV BtoB's Ilhoon wore a Stylenanda and a Byther cap. A couple of days ago i was checking Stylenanda's site and came across this cap and I really liked it and said to myself "This would really look good on a k-pop idol" and here we are :) and the same thing happened with the byther cap..that's why i was able to recognize them hehe :D
In the first picture Ilhoon is like "come here you good looking person *muah*"

Buy the Stylenanda cap here for 39,52 $
Buy the Byther cap here for 55,000 won


Credits:Cube, Stylenanda,Byther
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