Why so serious?

These guys got their crayons! What about you? Got your CRAYON already? :P 
If you haven't realized by now, then go watch G-Dragon's new MV right now! this is a post all about Big Bang's G-Dragon and his new solo song "CRAYON" :D 
I personally adore GD a lot for his unique musical style, his performances and most of all his creativity! 

There are SO many finds in this MV that I've decided to separate it into two posts! 
Yup, G-Dragon, you did it again. Made me do several posts on one single MV. I must accept defeat. or is it him who must accept defeat? hehe ~ technically he's the one who wore items I found, so he's the loser, right? xD 

Lets get this started because no matter how many times GD asks "why so serious?" I must get to the point of this post some time, right? ^__^ 

Click 'read more' ~ I know you want it!

We get to see G-Dragon only wearing a bathrobe! How lucky is that? ;) I know you're out there, slightly perverted fan girls ~ hehehe.

But why a WONDER WOMAN bathrobe? Batman or Superman couldn't do? xD Maybe it's a signal to his fans saying that they're Wonder Women ~ teehee! (probably not, it's probably because of the colour they chose this model and not Batman, which is black). 
I don't have a buy link which I want to give to you guys. This is a no-brand item so many sites which sell it looked kinda fishy to me...

In the start of the MV (and in a few flashes through the rest of the MV also) G-Dragon is wearing sequin rainbow pants from Ashish from a collection called Ganges and Grunge (if I'm not wrong Ashish, the name of the owner/designer of Ashish surprise huh? is from India). 
Even though I'm posting this a while after the MV release, I actually saw this right away but couldn't bother to post it at that time. I have no idea why. Maybe I had already worked several hours on the blog that day?  
No buy link. Ashish is super expensive though.

Next up: A bow tie!

G-doctor you get the joke? :D is wearing a bow tie with a print by Keith Haring. G-dragon has a tattoo on his arm with Keith Haring inspired motif. He really likes him as an artist and I understand why :) I have no idea who the manufacturer of this is though! O__O Any ideas? As long as I don't know the manufacturer, I have no buy link. 

G-Doctors patient, G-Dragon, is wearing an AWESOME pair of sneakers! The Family Guy motif is made by artist Mina Kwon, so you can't get these sneakers. BUT there's always a but you can get the sneakers, which she painted on and then you can paint your own Family Guy portraits on them! :D Please don't tell me I'm the only one here who enjoys series like Family Guy now and then xD 
The shoes are from Vans and are called Red/White Old Skool Sneakers (yes they spell 'skool' like that).
No buy link. All I found was sold out :C 
Anybody has a working buy link? Post it in the comments pretty please ~ (and please no Ebay)

Oooh these took me a while to identify! Even so I'm still not 100% sure but I can't see how it can be anything else than these! :) These super-duper colourful pants are from Altuzarra and yes, the print is indeed tropical birds. In real life they call these Redwood Tropical Printed tailored trousers. I think Tropical Birds would have been a better name. Or maybe Jungle Birds! No matter what you'd like to call them, you can get them here on super-duper ultra discount for 195£! Usually they cost 485£ so that's REALLY cheap compared to the usual price :D Not that I would ever pay almost 200£, which is nearly 325$, for pants like these (no harm intended! Just not my style!!)

Lastly, for now at least 

This tank top is from French designer and fashion activist Andrea Crews and no matter how much I searched I couldn't find this exact one! 
You'll have to stay put with the next best - the Avril Lavine Zombie T-shirt which might be from the same collection. I don't have a buy link.

Oh also! 

Only GD is this badass!
Taking Givenchy's logo, twist and turn it a bit and then write Giyongchy instead of Givenchy underneath hahahaha xD It's making me laugh because it's almost the same as dissing Givenchy in my opinion. 
Maybe he's thinking that Givenchy is becoming too mainstream in K-pop? If so, I kinda agree with him on it ~ just see our Givenchy tag to see how many wear Givenchy! :P

Ninillie ~

Credits: YG Ent., Ashish, Vans, Altuzarra, Andrea Crews, Keith Haring
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