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Don't you just hate it when you see something, think you know what it is, and CAN'T get it confirmed!? I surely do hate it. Especially when I have a find. It's super annoying when I see something and think "hey that's XX from YY!" but when I try to find pictures of it, then I find NOTHING. Sighs.
This is a case of such hahaha.
More exactly; it's a case of a jacket! But lets start with something which I DO know what it :D

Wonder Girls are in the US, it seems, to keep their good debut rolling. They recently had an interview with AOL Music in America and uploaded a picture from it to their Facebook page.

Luckily I follow that page ~

Sohee is wearing stockings from House of Holland. The print is called All Over Bone and is supposedly a limited edition in the black version. 
I have two buy links. One I'm familiar with, Asos, and one I'm not familiar with. 
I normally only give you links which I find good and not suspicious, but since Asos is out of stock (temporarily or not, no idea sadly), I'll give you another link also

After being suspicious for ages, we (Eliza and I, Ninillie) figured out the shirt with a little help from !
This isn't the first time Sohee wears this shirt nor the shorts! She wore it for one of the performances of 'Like This' also ^__^
The shirt is from Philipp Plein, even though I couldn't find the version with the stars on it, but the rest of the collection has stars...hmmm.
The shorts are from Opening Ceremony and is called Laser cut Jean shorts (I'd think they're made of leather, but apparently not).
I apologize for the former confusion ~ I'm confused with college/university at the moment >__<"

Now, lets get slightly back to what we started with - the jacket I couldn't find! Sunye is wearing a jacket which is extremely similar to a pair of shorts KTZ made. The colour of the denim and the ornaments. It's just so similar I was 100% sure the shorts and her jacket was one pair, but I couldn't find any signs on KTZ ever making a denim jacket like that. Weird. 
Okay this is a fail find, I know...but I'm pretty pre-occupied with college.

Ninillie ~ (with help of Eliza and Wonder-fashion!)

Credits: Opening Ceremony, House Of Holland, Philipp Plein, JYP Ent., AOL Music,

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