To The Beautiful Kang Taejun (and Seungri sunbae)

This is the second and last part of my "To The Beautiful You" finds :) These finds are only up to episode 10 and I won't do more finds from this drama ~ I think Eliza has some finds from "To The Beautiful You" though  :D
Anyways. This time it's about Kang Taejun played by SHINee's Minho
Last time I posted about Cha Eungyeol (or Lee Hyunwoo as his real name is) so I had to make a post about Taejun also, right? 

In episode 10 Minho is wearing a sweater from Lacoste and their L!VE collection. I couldn't find this exact colourway...only a red and green one. If this seems familiar, then it's because SNSD Yoona wore the female,  crop edition of this in the Japanese version of "Oh!" :D I actually really like the yellow one she wore. 

In another episode Minho wore a sweater from Obey. I found myself laughing a bit at this, because "To The Beautiful You" is sponsored by a Korean sports brand called New Balance. They made quite a thing out of hiding brand names and logos on clothes which WAS NOT from their sponsors. Anyways this went by completely unnoticed xD All other shirts and sweaters and whatsoever had coloured tape over the logo/name (just see the Lacoste sweater above). But apparently nobody bothered to hide Obey's name away. Lazy? A bit maybe, but I really don't like seeing tape on shirts. Nobody wears that in real life...seriously xD 
If you want this sweater I have a buy link which I am not familiar with here. Seems quite fair though. 

And finally Seungri-sunbae! I have no idea what his real name is...who is this actor?? He's handsome ~ teehee ~ oh my, getting off topic!!! o___o
I was kinda happy/thrilled when I saw this find. And of course surprised! I'd never thought I would see something like this in a Korean drama! His jacket is from Hummel! Hummel is a Danish sport clothing brand. It is highly respected in Denmark - even more respected than Nike and Adidas (no joke. I'm Danish). 
Sadly you'll have to stay put with different colourways. This might be from a couple of years ago, can't find this exact colourway anywhere...Buy it here in other colours though. 

Ninillie ~

credits: SBS, SM Ent., Hummel, Lacoste, Obey

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