To The Beautiful Cha Eungyeol

So many finds o_o just wow! I'll post those I've found, not really bothering to do finds I'm not sure about from this drama xD There's plenty of obvious finds even so ~ I'll separate this into two posts because there are SO many Cha Eungyeol (Lee Hyunwoo) finds in "To The Beautiful You"! :) 

First off! (taking these finds in no particular order) 

Hyunwoo is wearing a shirt from Kathleen Kye. I had problems finding this exact model, but it looks like a morph between her shirts 002 and 007 (yes, their names are numbers). You could get 002 here, but it's sold out and 007, the green one, here. I really suspect this shirt of being 007 in an alternate colourway. 

In another episode he wore a sweater from Adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott. I think this was in episode 10.  I don't have a buy link :( 
This was requested, so I'm sorry that I don't have a buy link...

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Well, lets admit it - Cha Eungyeol seems to be really fond of Adidas. Especially their originals. 
Here's a track jacket also from Adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott. Get it here for 195£

In episode 3 Hyunwoo is, again, wearing Adidas Originals...
He's wearing a pair of sneakers this time though ~ 

Again, Eungyeol + Adidas Originals xD In episode 3 (or 4? Think it's 3...) he wore this Gorilla Surfing t-shirt. SHINee Jonghyun has worn this also if I remember correctly :) I have a buy link which I am not familiar with here.

Same episode: Adidas Originals. This is getting too easy, right? JJ Project's Jr has worn this one also.

And lastly: 

If I'm not wrong, this is one of the teaser photos released before the drama aired :) 
Hyunwoo is wearing a track jacket from Adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott (another one...) and this time I added Sulli in because she's was on the picture and I knew the sweater she's wearing. She's wearing a sweater from Wildfox Couture called Vampire Love I think.

Isn't Lee Hyunwoo adorable in his role as Cha Eungyeol? I'm soooooo favoring him over Kang Taejun!

Ninillie ~

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