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the maknae dress!

Two maknaes spotted wearing the same dress! What has the world come to? *joking* 
Actuallly, this isn't a dress; I'd rather call it a tunic. It's too short to be a dress but too long to be a T-shirt. Thus, it's a tunic in my eyes :D.

Miss A's maknae Suzy and Kara's maknae Jiyoung wore this mustard coloured tunic (it's not a dress, I swear! XD) from Korean brand DEWL. Suzy wore it for a photo shoot, and Jiyoung wore it at a recent episode of TV show "Guerilla Date" in Gangnam
DEWL is a rather new brand, and it seems it's launching a handful of new clothes each month! I really like its style: classy, cute, elegant and still not boring. Actually, it might be becoming my favorite Korean brand ~
Sadly, DEWL doesn't have an online shop (yet?). It does have many physical shops in South Korea but no online availability.

We have a lot of DEWL coming up some time soon! 

Ninillie & Maria ~

Credits: as watermarked, fantaken photo of Kara, DEWL, JYP Ent., DSP Media

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