pretty embroideries ~

I really adore this dress ~ it's super pretty! But reminds me A LOT of one of my favorite brands' A/W 2012 collection. To be more exact it reminds me of Balmain's A/W 2012 collection, which had a lot of embroideries in flowery patterns going on. This resulted in me thinking "Where is this dress from?!" when I first saw it, because I knew it wasn't Balmain!
Well, now I've found it!! Yay, finally-ish xD
Also; this is THE MOST OVER-WORN DRESS OF THE YEAR! o__o I am not kidding you! Even though I love it, so many idols wore it that it became kinda boring >__<" You'll get what I mean after finishing this post ~ hehe.

My first spotting of it: 

While traveling back and forth between Korea and USA in order to promote, Wonder Girls uploads a lot of pictures to all their official sites. At one event, Hyelim was spotted wearing an adorable baby blue-ish dress with cute flower patterns and embroideries. Lol at troll Yoobin in the background of Hyelim xD 

Sistar's Bora wore it on a recent episode of 'Quiz to Change the World'.

Here comes A LOT of adds by Maria. She saw my post while I was drafting it and added A LOT of people which I should add in this post. So go click in 'read more' to see the rest ~ otherwise this post would become too long :P

Secret's Sunhwa on her first episode of 'We Got Married' with Z:EA's Kwanghee.

Krystal wore it for F(x)' appearance at the SM.Art exhibition opening event.

Kara's Jiyoung for High Cut magazine.

Actress Kim Jiwon who plays Seol Hanna in 'To The Beautiful You' wore it on a special episode of 'Strong Heart'.

And an actress we're not sure about who is. Han Hyojoo perhaps?

This dress is from DEWL. The only link I have is from Taobao because DEWL doesn't have any online shops, only real-life physical shops scattered all over Seoul and Gyeonggi-do (those are the areas I remember seeing on DEWL's own site). Anways; you can get this dress here on Taobao.

Ninillie and Maria ~

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