osteoporosis sweater?

Maria doesn't have time to post right now, so she left us a lot of her finds to post some time :) This is one of them!
Kara has been promoting their most recent release, 'Pandora', lately ~ as usual this means plenty of performances and variety show appearances. 
In one episode of 'Strong Heart' Hara was spotted wearing this:

This pretty pullover (or sweater if you prefer. Even though I'd say a sweater holds more warmth whereas a pullover is supposed to be coupled up with something else - just like Hara does here! ^__^) is by Alexander Wang and has the very describing name Mustard Dissolving Herring Bone Pullover (thus the title of this post go google it if you don't know what osteoporosis is :P). 
It is rather pricey - 440$ right here at Ssense.com.

Ninillie & Maria ~

Credits: Ssense, DSP Media, Strong Heart

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