Oh! Lascoste has its own university

I've been waiting for this, not understanding why they didn't come out with this song. Well, enough waiting; it's finally here! Which song? Girls' Generation finally made a Japanese version of their hit song "Oh!". I was kinda surprised when they released "Run Devil Run" before "Oh!" was. But oh well (ha! the irony!) in the end it was released ~ that release was just earlier today!
Of course I couldn't help but to look for finds and actually got one. 

Yoona (looking cute with glasses) is wearing a sweater from Lacoste's L!VE collection which says "University Of Lacoste". Really cute, I adore the mustard-y colour of it. It's actually a crop sweater, but it doesn't seem like it's the super short type ~
Buy it here for...I don't know but I saw it somewhere else for 99$ at a physical shop :)

Ninillie ~

Credits: Lacoste, SM Ent.

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