Got your CRAYON already?

Actually somebody asked us on our Facebook page (yes we have such! Go like it and join our random games! :D) to do G-Dragon's 'CRAYON' and the accessories used in the MV. I wasn't really planing on doing the accessories used in this MV but since I already planed on posting some of the clothes from his MV, I thought "oh nevermind ~ I'll do the accessories if it makes a reader happy". That's how nice I am ;) and that comment just destroyed it all again xD

Doing these finds was incredibly easy! I was kinda surprised actually. Normally YG Entertainment has some really creative stylists who makes their own accessories and T-shirts or get custom made stuff. But not only was all of these accesorries, which is like 85% of all accessories used in this MV, bought/borrowed from a company - these were all from the SAME brand! o__o
Oh well...for people who doesn't actually 'work' with fashion and K-pop every day, this might still be a rather big thing xD 

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G-Doctor (hah! I love that joke xD I'm so lame, I already know...) is wearing two bracelets with claws - not surprisingly they're called Claw Bracelet. Both are from Japanese accessory brand Ambush. They retail for 26040 yen each.
The red claws on his collar is actually for a collar ~ it's not just YG-stylist who got creative with a pair of piercings. They come in a pair and is called Horn Collar Tip and is sold for 14490 yen.

The earrings worn here might have been from Ambush also since they have 2 skeleton and bones inspired collections, but apparently they're not from Ambush.

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Where to start? This is again Ambush ~
The pierce is called Claw Earrings 1 and is priced at 12390 yen.
The rings are both called Claw Ring (no colour implied in the name weirdly enough, considering how many colours each item come in). They cost 24990 each ~
The bracelet, different from those used before, is called Horn Bracelet and costs 24990 yen also :)

The necklace is custom made. Here comes the big news which I am glad to give you: G-dragon and Ambush collaborated on a collection called "Screw It"! 
It is a SUPER ULTRA EXTREME LIMITED EDITION with only 8 of the big necklace and only 88 of the other necklace sold!! 
So if you really really want this item, you have to be more than lucky and fast! Go check out Ambush's post about the limited collection right here 
PS: you have to be in Seoul, Gangnam-gu to actually have a chance to get your hands on these items.

No more limited collection! Back to something we can actually get our hands on! :)
These are also from Ambush and is the same as the red ones mentioned earlier ~ Again, they're called Claw Earrings 1 and cost 12390 yen.

Aaah ~ Finally something which isn't from Ambush! :D These hair slides are something we have seen before, right? Well, F(x) uses a lot of Kreepsville 666 in their MVs ~ These White Skeleton Bone Hands hair slides retails here for 9.99£! That's cheap :D

You can get ALL the Ambush items here ~ they're all from the same collection, Holy Mountain, and contains many interesting pieces. 
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Lets just conclude that no matter how crazy G-Dragon becomes it's never worse than I can tell him what he is wearing haha xD

Ninillie ~

Credits: Ambush, Kreepsville 666, YG Ent.

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