Get The Look: SHINee - Sherlock

You might have noticed the poll in our sidebar. It actually had a purpose! I've been insecure about whether I should make a "Get The Look" post or not, so I figured I should ask our readers! And so I did ~ I asked you on our Facebook page, if you'd like us (read: me, since I'm the only one doing this at the moment) to make some "Get The Look" posts or not. I didn't really get much of a response on that, but a few handful liked my post/suggestion. Oh well...what to do then? Maybe putting up a poll would give me an idea about what you all think! And so the poll started xD
We've gotten way over 200 votes, so apparently there's a massive interest in this! Either that or some of you just voted trillions of times over and over again and again hahaha. No matter what the reason, I've decided that I'll make you a "Get The Look" ^__^
Since SHINee was the winner, closely followed by G-Dragon with his new solo comeback "One of a Kind", the first post from me is going to be SHINee with their most recent Korean song "Sherlock"!


This is our attempt to bring you a style as close to your favorite idols as possible WITHOUT emptying your bank account!


or if you don't feel well in skinny jeans: Ombré linen-blend capri pants from the shop Moonbasa on Yesstyle.
Vest: sequined denim vest from the shop Maymaylu on Yesstyle
Accessories: Multi Bead Necklace and Native Drop Necklace both on PLNDR


Top: dark blue ribbed tank top by the shop Tokyo Fashion on Yesstyle
Vest: Green dual pocket knit vest by the shop O.SA on Yesstyle
Accessories:  The Necklace-Bracelet Set in Black on Karmaloop. The Frenchie Belt in Brown also on Karmaloop 


Accessories: cross necklace on PLNDR


Top: wave pattern knit top + tank top by the shop Catworld on Yesstyle
Pants: light blue button front skinny pants by the shop D.P. Shop on Yesstyle
Accessories: Horn Necklace in black on PLNDR. The Elastic Leather Braided Belt in Black on Karmaloop.
Shoes: dark blue denim platform sneakers by Puffy on Yesstyle


Top: tab sleeve check long shirt by Click on Yesstyle
Cardigan: Striped Room for Two Sweater on PLNDR
Accessories: The Waterfalls Necklace by Obey on Karmaloop

*You need to log in to PLNDR to use their site :) But don't worry! Creating an account is free ~ And also remember that we have a promocode for PLNDR, which gives you some credit! See the sidebar for more ~

Don't tell me "oh ~ you can use Polyvore for this" because I'm doing this manually :) I want to use our affiliates as much as possible, and to make sure that I use them, I get the pictures of the items directly from their site ~ Yup, that's A LOT of extra work for me to do xD Man, I've used SO many hours on this!!! o___o

Ninillie ~ 

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