Sorry for reposting these photos........but they where too many and blogger resized the post.
And here we go again

Amber is wearing the same tassel bracelt worn by Krystal.
I really like Amber's makeup it's so colourful and it looks good on her. If I try to do the same make-up on me i will end up looking like a clown :))
Buy the bracelet here

Here I go again...those tassels are so cute!! The necklace really suits Luna.
She is wearing the M.E 7 tassel necklace also from Monday-edition.
Buy it here for 170,000 won

Some idols don't look good with blonde hair but Victoria isn't one of them...She can pull off any hairstyle.
Here Victoria is wearing the SuperStar-r from Mzuu and the M.E neon tassel and stud wire necklace.
Buy the ring here for 99,000 won and the necklace here for 94,000 won

Here Sulli is wearing the bright and colourful RollipsR ring from Mzuu.
Buy it here for 18,000 won

Look forward for another f(x) Electric Shock post :D


Credits:SM ent,Monday-edition ,Mzuu
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