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Eric and Adidas...and a little bit Minwoo

You have no idea how often I actually mistype Adidas! I want it to have TWO Ds hahaha xD It's not Addidas, it's Adidas! Weird I can't spell it, considering I can spell other brand names which should be more difficult to type :/ Fail writer hahaha.
Anyways! This was also an easy find which was requested ~ Seems I'm in charge of doing Shinhwa finds, huh? :P
Back on topic, not that we really got that much off-topic anyways; This is a Shinhwa find - more exactly, a find featuring Eric (and partly Minwoo also).

Eric is wearing an Adidas hoodie called Men's Hooded Flock Sweatshirt Jacket. Obviously Minwoo is wearing an Adidas track jacket or hoodie also, but there are too few details for me to determine what it is more exactly. I don't have a buy link for any of these, sorry.

Ninillie ~ 

Credits: Minwoo's Facebook, iOffer, Adidas, requester who gave of the picture.

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