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Cheating teddy bear :P

On May 14  the rookie group A-JAX revealed the MV for "Never let go" featuring Kara's Hara....She looked so pretty in the MV i especially like the scene where she tries to repair a little robot :P ...poor broken robot :( .The outfits are really nice and they are from the korean designer  Kwak Hyun Joo.......Sorry for the low quality photos :)

The first outfit is my favorite she looks just like a doll

The second outfit is from the scene where she gets mad at the teddy bear. [I wonder why? maybe he cheated on her :)? ] (lame joke) ....what do you guys think? comment below :D

The last outfit fits perfectly with the mood of the scene ...so mysterious
Sorry, but no buylinks :(
Also, sorry if I make english mistakes, but I am not a native english speaker ~I  do try my best :D
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Credits: DSP, Kwak Hyun Joo

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